pre rolln pack review with Lowells


by Seth

Ah pre-rolls, the wonderful already rolled and prepared joints that are ready for one’s enjoyment at any time. But there are so many kinds out there, big ones, small ones, packs of joints, individual pre-rolls. The world of pre-rolls is just grand and large. Some are great, some are not so much. Now you must be wondering, where do I begin? Which pre-rolls are the best? You would not be alone in asking this question, as near every smoker before you have come up with the same conundrum. Well, here today we will be showing off, and reviewing a specific brand of joints that have found a special place in our hearts. Today we will be reviewing Lowell Farms pre-rolled joints. Sit back, relax, grab a joint if you’ve got one, and get ready for this awesome review. 

The Design:

    Now, of course, all joints are going to have roughly the same design. That’s common sense unless of course, you’re talking about some crazy joints you see in the movies that are not pre-rolled. So let us start from one end and find ourselves at the other. At the top of the join, is a finely twisted off portion, that is not too long and not too short, making it easy to light. As we move down the body you will notice that the cannabis is distributed nicely, and equally throughout the joint. It gives it a good, durable feeling. Finally, we come to the filter, which is nice and long, not too long that is shortening the joint, but just long enough to keep the weed out of your mouth. All joints from Lowell Farms have an “M” shape filter that makes it even harder for plant matter to enter your mouth. Truly a well-designed pre-roll that has taken years to perfect and develop. 

The Smoke:

    Of course depending on the variety of joint you get, I.E Indica or Sativa, your experiences may vary. But it is safe to say that the Indica joints have a deep, woody smell and a great taste depending on what strain it is. You can tell you’re smoking an Indica with these joints. Safe to say on the other end of the aisle we have Sativa joints, which are light and airy, tasteful and very potent, just like its Indica brother. Regardless of the strain types that you chose, you will be pleasantly treated with smoke that is refreshing, easy on the lugs and is potent as hell. 

The Price:

    So how much do these babies cost? They sound so premium it must be a bunch! Well, fear not good citizen! A pack of 4 joints comes in at about 40 dollars, and individual rolls come in at about $10! Very affordable in the world of joints where you can see some rise to 30+ dollars. For their price, nay in general, these pre-rolls are worth experiencing once, even if it is not your favorite you will be able to enjoy these joints. 


    There are a lot of joints out there to chose from, its hard to know which to pick. Many will scour the internet searching for reviews, and help on what to chose. Well, search no farther for Lowell Farm’s joints are top of the line quality, and at a great affordable price. So whether you love them or hate them,  give them a try, and see for yourself what all the rage is about. For now, I’m signing off, to go get me some Lowell smokes. Have a great time until we meet again! 

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