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Where To Bloom; Bud and Bloom Dispensary Review by Megan

I Fell in Love with Bud and Bloom the second I walked in the door. Let’s talk about it.

Before my visit to Bud and Bloom, this is what my usual experience was in regards to locating almost every single dispensary i have been to:

I would put the address in the navigation. My navigation would decide that it is only going to take me to the general vicinity of the dispensary, because for some reason it doesn’t exist on any map out there. Lovely. This usually triggers a mild panic attack, because I am very aware of my lack of direction. I still get lost driving home sometimes. I’m not kidding.  Even if there were exact directions to the dispensary,  I’d still manage to get lost, cry like a weirdo, or end up at the border of Mexico. Hours later, I usually end up finding whatever dispensary I am visiting, but only because I see a green cross, a security guard, or cameras outside. Worst of all, the most distinguishable sign that it, in fact, is my destination, is the fact that it is always the one place with NO PARKING. This was not the case with Bud & Bloom. The location alone was GOLD. WHY? navigation located it, it was clear to see, there was a ton of parking space, and the security guards didn’t make me feel like I was doing something wrong, in fact, they made me feel extremely secure and comfortable. Let me explain more clearly. You see, due to the nature of my job, I usually am someone who walks into a dispensary with cash flow, and leaves with a larger amount of cannabis, or with more products than an ordinary customer. That being said, I felt safe walking in with cash and out to my car safely, knowing if something were to happen, I would be okay and that their security would handle the situation. They were not the typical “security” aka random guy not paying attention to anything other than himself; making sure he looks tough and also super cool because he has “authority”. Blow me.

The Waiting Area:

It Was perfection. super clean, modern, but had a very earthy undertone. This was definitely one of the best-designed spaces I have seen. There are open windows looking into the dispensary and it instantly gave off the feeling of comfort. The people at reception were incredibly welcoming, and the wait time was literally less than a minute. This has never been the case, it’s always been Chaos, but not at Bud and Bloom. Thankfully, due to the structure put into place by management, it was clear that the dispensary worked efficiently and that everything had an order and structure to it.

Going into the Dispensary:

I was blown away by the beauty of the space alone, it was natural and felt like home. But it was elegant. So elegant. The product displays were positioned perfectly. Once I saw the gear and glass accessories they had, I instantly knew this was a place with high-quality flower. Why? they didn’t shove the newest diamond encrusted high tech multi-level vape pen in your face when you walked in the door. They allow their Cannabis collection to speak for itself. The brands I saw were all brands I loved. All in one place. Don’t let this be misleading to you if you like cartridges. Our other team members noticed a completely different side to Bud & Bloom, and to this day we all agree. Not only do they have the best selection of flower and pre-rolls for someone like myself who prefers the old school-ness of herb, but they also have the best selection of cartridges, topicals, and tinctures. AKA they are a highly compliant dispensary. What do I mean by this? It means they are legit, and that they did everything the correct way, and have suffered through the ever-changing laws and regulations that have been thrown their way. I don’t expect everyone reading this to know these laws and regulations like the back of their hand. It took me 2 months to learn them and they are constantly changing. But a good way to recognize this would be by a dispensary’s product selection. If they sell the best brands, they are legit. If they give you house pre-rolls that you see someone in the corner rolling while they are eating a hamburger, they are not. If they don’t have a sign with a logo or name of the dispensary you are going to on the building, and instead have a piece of paper with a hand-drawn arrow on it leading to a creepy door, you should probably just walk back to your car and go to Bud and Bloom. capiche?

The Budtenders:

SAM is the babe of babes. Instantly I knew he was a good soul. He was educated and extremely knowledgeable about the products, brands, and industry in general. He also did something I usually don’t see budtenders do. He listened. Instead of trying to sell me the most expensive product that  I had no need for, he listened to me and made recommendations based off of what I WANTED. He was genuine and it was obvious that he was selling me something he knew I would enjoy. It was transparent that he really believed in the products and brands and was proud to represent Bud and Bloom. He was in no way pushy or in your face. 

Lastly, Prices:

To put it the best way possible, at Bud and Bloom, you get what you pay for plus extra. The price points are very reasonable. It is obvious that they do take in the taxes added at the end of the transaction and try to level it out with their retail prices, so it’s not such a huge shock at the end of your transaction. One other thing I will say is that they have the best sales out of any dispensary in orange county. They are not stingy, they don’t try to pawn off old flower as a special deal of the day, and they ultimately want their customers to walk out happy. which they do.

Babest of Budtenders: SAM!

Award2 bud and bloom best cannabis dispensaries by imagine clouds

Recognized by Dope Magazine for the Dope Atmosphere as we all for being one of the most charitable dispensaries, these babes have Soul, and they make our hearts melt.

Leafly award them not once, but twice as one of the most beautiful dispensaries in all of the Untied States


Bud and Bloom offers a daily 10% discount for seniors (55+), veterans and a 10% discount for medical cannabis patients.

*Daily Deals*
  • Happy Monday- 20% Senior/Veteran/Disabled/Student (W/valid ID)
  • Treat Yourself Tuesday – 20% off Tinctures and Topicals & edibles
  • Wildcard Wednesday – Pick your Daily Deal
  • Take a Puff Thursday – 20% off Vape Cartridges
  • Flower Friday – 20% off Pre-Packaged Flower (excluedes Prerolls)
  • Shatterday- 20% off Concentrates (excludes Cartridges)
  • Super Sunday – Buy 1, get 1 for $1 (select items)


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  • Mike G
    Posted at 08:56h, 09 January Reply

    i love bud and bloom! thanks guys! didnt know of this place until i saw this. love the flower.

  • Blake T
    Posted at 09:00h, 09 January Reply

    Bud and Bloom is awesome !!! great article Megan !! keep it up all you guys good stuff as usual !

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