WEDEN Dispensary Review

Walking into ShowGrow in Santa Ana was a very easy going comfortable experience from start to finish. I have been here on many occasions and never has it been unpleasant.

During my last trip to this dispensary, I brought along my mother who was looking for some natural medicine. The main reason I chose this dispensary was due to the fact that I wanted her to know that there are different options out there.

Upon checking in, they informed us of our discounts and daily deals. The waiting room is clean and spacious, with plenty of entertaining and informative reading material AND stickers (I like stickers wus up!).

Walking into the showroom, we noticed a large product offering, from brands that I knew well, as well as new ones. If you are looking for a variety of any cannabis products, you can certainly find what you need here. From top shelf flower, wax, smoking devices, pre-rolls, cartridges, edibles, a fridge with all the drinks and other things that need to be cold I guess, to lip balm and other topicals, and yes lots of CBD products for me to choose from, and all from top name brands. So when I say product variety is superb, believe that shit.

After browsing the large selection and my mom having some questions we are ready to go and our budtender (I wish I remembered her name. sorry) was ready to help and she did. My mom explained she’s new to all this and a bit overwhelmed and said she was looking for something to help with appetite and sleep. She also had several questions about sativaindica differences and so forth. Our budtender very patiently and honestly answered every question, and after getting a feel for what would be the most effective medicine for a beginner without making her extremely high, recommended some great products and not just the most expensive ones that are trying to be pushed off the shelves or what have you.

Upon paying, my mom keeps saying how much she learned, how it was not how she imagined it would be, (no clue what that was, guessing either straight drug dealer or who knows ha) how much fun she had, haha oh yes she had fun haha!

When I got home and realized the cartridge I bought did not work. I called right away, they said to bring it back for a working one. I did , and the exchange process was easy and simnple.

So as you probably guessed, other than the great selection of products, and top name brands, there is great customer service, budtenders who are knowledgeable and aren’t making sh*t up as they go, sorry Ive seen it before places.

So In closing, its one of my go-to places, my mom had a fun time, what that means exactly, I don’t know.. but I’m sure it’s a huge compliment. Anyway if you haven’t already, go check it out, bring family and friends have fun, or don’t. I don’t care. but still go. Maybe try and have fun.


Summary: just go already 
PROS: huge selection of products, top brands, knowledgeable people giving real advice, the possibility of having fun.
CONS: been staring at the blinking type thing now for a while and can’t think of none really, or maybe I forgot” because I got high because I got high because I got highhhh“, where is that from? First one to answer right wins….. something.

In closing again , stay forever blunted and ready for whatever. And check out Showgrow Santa Ana. Peace . 

A piece of writing by: 
Bryce J. 

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