Scarlet Reviews The Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2

By: Scarlet Savage


There are only a handful of vaporizer manufacturers that have been around for quite some time. One of these brands has not only outlived a slew of its competition, they have remained an upgrading force staying relevant through time. This brand, of course is none other than Arizer. Today, we will discuss one of the greatest vaporizers on the market this year: the Arizer Solo 2.0.


Arizer is a Canadian-based vaporizer brand that has been around for almost a decade. Around 2012, they released the inaugural Arizer Solo. At the time, this vaporizer was the talk of the town. Now, in 2018, they have returned with their initial masterpiece with some significant upgraded modifications. Out of the box, the Arizer Solo 2 comes with four steel screens, a long and medium glass tube (90 mm and 110 mm respectively), a charger, a belt clip carrying case, and a glass aroma dish featuring a sample pack of lavender botanicals to scent up any area when you are not toking. The Arizer Solo II has a quick 30-50 second heat up time, which is roughly 40% faster than the original model’s heating time. The digital display is also an upgrade from the original Solo. The Solo 2 also has precise temperature installation allowing for single degree changes or 10 degree increments. This device also feels secure and expensive in your hand like a new, crispy phone. The Arizer Solo 2 has the ability to cook up from 50° celsius to 220°. The full glass vapor path also makes the Solo 2 a fan favorite.

Final Thoughts


The Arizer Solo 2 ranked highly on the list of great vaporizer any toker should invest in. Arizer also offers a 2 year manufacturer warranty straight out of the box. This vape is currently on the market for approximately $190 USD. The Arizer Solo II puts  this vape to pure shame If you are considering seriously investing in a vaporizer, then the Arizer Solo II is the way to go.





Pictured:1st Gen Solos (left) 2nd Gen Solos (right)



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