Top 5 Cannabis Strains

Top 5 STRAINS for dem Babes

By: Scarlet Savage

LETS GET Straight to it. Here are some bomb strains from 2018

#1 Diesel Dough

Diesel Dough is a hybrid strain created by the Archive Seed Bank. Diesel Dough is a fusion between Sour Diesel and masculine Do-Si-Dos. The Sour Diesel is more prevelant, showcasing it complex taste with the size of the buds nodding to the Do-Si-Dos. The strain also has purple hues thanks to the latter. Diesel Dough is an excellent redux of some vintage strains that are worth trying.

#2 Pacific Frost

Not much is known about the newly created Pacific Frost except of how much of a beauty it is. This strain was bred by Cannafornia. Pacific Frost is a combination of Pacific OG and Frosty. The latter strain is responsible for the appearance of the icey Pacific Frost. The white and purple tints make this strain mouthwatering. Pacific Frost is sure to leave you buttered.

#3 Lemon Sorbet No. 3

Lemon Sorbet No. 3 is as sweet as its parents. Lemon Sorbet No.3 was crafted by Gabriel Cannabis. The strain is also known simply as ‘LS3.’ Lemon Sorbet No. 3 is a fusion between the infamous Lemon OG and Sherbert. LS3 is is an indica-centric hybrid that has hints of berries and lemons. LS3 is known to produce quite the euphoric response when indulging. This strain is a great bud to end the day.

#4 Super Sour Lemon

Super Sour Lemon is a strain that was recently created by crossbreeding Lemon OG and Cali Sour. This sativa-dominant bud has quite the uplifting qualities. Moreover, the tart and lemon zest of the citrus parent makes Super Sour Lemon taste amazing. This sweet strain is a must try in the warmer seasons!

#5 Keystone Kush

Last on our list of new strains worth trying is Keystone Kush. This strain was created by combining Pre-98 Bubba Kush and the mysterious Katsu Bubba. Keystone Kush is an indica-centric hybrid with the highest levels of CBD on our list. Keystone Kush is packed with berry flavors while provided a relaxing effect upon indulgence. Thanks to the CBD-heavy bud,Keystone Kush is ideal for patients who suffer from inflammation and spasms. Keystone Kush is the keystone to self-medicating these issues.

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  • Francis Winthrop
    Posted at 11:56h, 18 December Reply

    I tried smoking my lemon sorbet and the lighter just melted it all what am I doing wrong here ? LIT 24/7

  • Bagel
    Posted at 11:58h, 18 December Reply

    This is Spot on Man!

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