Each package contains 10 ProTabs, 250 mg in total. Vegan and gluten-free.

According to the company [level Blends]

“The THCA ProTab is an orally consumed concentrate tablet that contains 25 mg THCA per tablet. Extra strength and fast-acting, the THCA ProTab is infused with steam distilled terpenes to help alleviate pain. The ProTab is scored and easily split in two for an even more precise dosage.”

LIES. So many Lies.

Full disclosure: out of the three testers, one was in serious pain due to a knee injury, one had a light migraine, and the other suffers from anxiety all day long. Yes, our team here is falling apart. However, we wanted to give this product out to the people that Level Blends is targeting in their messaging and marketing by falsifying claims that this product can be used as a way to alleviate or at least aid in diminishing symptoms of the conditions described above.

Overall Consensus:

As described on their site, Level Blends claim that, “ProTabs are best swallowed with water so that the unique flavor profiles can be tasted. ProTabs are scored and can easily be split in two for an even more precise dosage.”
Based off our personal experiences, we would identify this unique flavor as sawdust, which we are sure is every persons go to flavor profile these days. We wish were mints or had any sort of enjoyable or non existent taste. However, They tasted like a combo of chalk and sawdust.Second, that the tablets dissolved so quickly that not one of the 3 people testing this product could get any water down. So I guess they are correct in claiming that they tablets can easily be split into two, as they disintegrate upon being handled.
They did not do a single thing to alleviate anxiety or pain. One would have to ingest the contents of at least 4 entire containers (disclaimer: just don’t do this) to handle any effect on anxiety, as well as serious or even moderate pain or inflammation
Typically, patients who juice the whole plant raw for pain are ingesting THC-A in the grams in order to gain therapeutic effects. This begs the questions…What the F*ck is the point of 25 mg Pills.
Perhaps, if designed to be sublingual, they would have had more of an effect. The packaging is cool, and almost compliant.. I believe… not too sure about that government warning being on the inside of the sleeve. But that being said, they could have changed packaging by now, so we can only comment on the one we had.


Really loved their resealable silicone basin in the container. its definitely re-usable but can also be purchase at your local smoke shop.

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    Real talk Megan bro I like it, I like the honest writing I’m also not a fan of these dudes but that’s my story . Keep writing truth no matter the stakes don’t let them intimidate the little guys good for you bro and your other babe here Br…. stay blunted stay sexy !

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