Alpine Cartridges: Live Resin Review


The product that we will be reviewing today, is vapor cartridges from Alpine.



This cartridge, is pretty much what one would expect when they think of c02 cartridges. There is nothing about this product, that makes it utterly stand out from other similar products. However, where the differences begin to show is with the materials used. What do we mean by that? Well, the body is made of premium glass, that can take a few falls out of a car without breaking, with a steel mouthpiece. This mouthpiece, has a very different design than other cartridges. Instead of the typical small hole at the top, these have very large holes. While airflow is great, it does add an area that gets very dirty and filled with “gunk”. While it is easy to clean out with a cotton swab, one typically wishes they didn’t have to do this. Along with the mouthpiece, all the inner workings are made of the same material, thus making a very structurally sound device, we will discuss the effects of this more in the “function” section of this review. 




The taste of these cartridges is pristine, at least at the start. As you use more of the cartridge, and get close to the end the flavor does begin to fade. Not to a terrible extent, but it is noticeable. But for the most part, the taste is what you’re asking for. For this review we had a, Northern Lights cartridge, and the flavor of the strain was very strong and identifiable. 




The function of this cartridge is one of the areas in which it shines. With four intake holes at the bottom of the oil chamber, double the usual amount, you’re going to get a good flow, as well as a consistent one throughout your usage. I have yet to use an Alpine cartridge that did not function perfectly from start to finish. It’s assumedly thanks to the high end build materials, that ends in the high end quality one experiences with an Alpine cartridge. 


The Oil


 “Each batch is handcrafted with organic sun-grown cannabis distilled by a solvent-free process. The result is pure and potent oil that’s rich with terpenes and bursting with natural flavor.”


Sounds pretty good right? And it should! These cartridges have premium oil, and one cannot only taste, but experience it as well. With a strong effect, and great taste as we discussed earlier, these are hard to pass up!




    Coming in around the bottom of the high tier range, these cartridges retail for $30 for a half gram, and $50 for a full. While not the cheapest of cartridges, they are definitely not the most costly either, and for what they are they are well worth the cost.




If you’re looking for a cartridge for your 510 threaded battery, you won’t go wrong with Alpine. 


 Check out what they’re all about @Alpine_Official




Score: 4.5 / 5

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